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Deep Sky Observing with SharpCap - The Unofficial Quick Start Guide


I wrote this guide to address common issues most new as well as experienced users encounter while using SharpCap for live deep sky observing also colloquially called Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA).

Topics are driven by questions that come up again and again in online forums such as Cloudy Nights and the content is based on my experience of using SharpCap for live observing and pushing its capabilities to the limit.

This guide is meant to be more practical in approach and is meant to complement the official SharpCap user manual which should be treated as the main reference for all functionality. Also note that I have no affiliation, official or otherwise to either SharpCap or ZWO and this guide has not been reviewed by the author of SharpCap.

The guide also assumes you have aligned your scope & mount, attached the camera and focused it. Those topics are beyond the scope of this quick start guide which is focused on the deep sky observing experience with SharpCap.

Needless to say this draft is incomplete in many respects and may have errors and omissions. I expect to keep updating and evolving the content as time permits.

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The Unofficial Guide to Using SharpCap v0.5.pdf

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Fine Print:
© 2017 - All content is copyright and property of the author and may not be used in part or as whole without prior written content for any purpose. The guide in its totality is free for distribution and personal use as long as proper credit is given.
You use the guide and the contents of this website at your own risk. In no event shall the author be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, consequen tial, special, punitive or any other damages.
Also note that SharpCap and ZWO ASI are potentially trademarks of their respective owners.